The Squad: These Are The People In Your ZMac Neighborhood

The Squad at ZMac Transportation Services

Back in late 2017, we introduced our blog series, “These Are The People In Your ZMac Neighborhood.” We shared a glimpse into the lives of our highly skilled, specially trained, taco-loving Team CNH, the first customer-specific team at ZMac.

Since posting the Team CNH blog, this 6-person team has earned somewhat of a “celebrity status” in the transportation logistics world. (Or maybe just in their own minds? We’re not sure, but we’re letting them run with it for a bit since they are, after all, amazing.)

However, Team CNH is not the only rockstar group here at ZMac. (So, enjoy the spotlight while you can, Team CNH.) A drumroll, please, as we proudly introduce The Squad.

Q: What does The Squad do?

A: The Squad is led by our fearless squad leader and overall incredible individual, Mary Stroupe. The team combines transportation logistics skills in sales and dispatch to problem solve effective solutions. We collaborate to ensure that all freight is moved with the best interest of the customer, the carrier, and ZMac. At times, it’s a delicate balancing act that requires quick, creative thinking, but that’s what we do best.

Q: Who makes up The Squad and what does each person do?

  • Mary and Emily

    Mary and Emily handle the sales piece of our work. Mary manages larger scale projects, finding solutions to “unsolvable” problems, and making it look easy the entire time. Emily supports Mary by overseeing the customer relations piece, notifying shippers and receivers of pickups, quotes, and everything in between. Did we mention Emily always has a smile on her face? Together, they are a wealth of knowledge, doing whatever it takes to so that every shipment is poised for success.

  • Pat and James

    Pat and James are our dynamic dispatch duo and serve as ZMac’s in-house experts at finding quality carriers to move all freight. Pat spearheads this well-oiled machine. With James’ assistance, they deliver up-to-the-minute pertinent information and expertise to Mary and Emily so that our customers stay notified throughout the entire transportation process.

Q: What is a typical day with The Squad like?

A: There is no such thing as a typical day in transportation! 🙂 In transportation, issues pop up all the time and you always have to be ready to solve problems that pop up to keep customers and carriers happy. Every day we walk in the office armed with solutions to anything and everything; ready to help our customers.

Q: What interesting challenges has The Squad faced?

A: Sometimes it’s hard to see the whole picture on moving loads – whether it’s last minute freight, incorrect dimensions or addresses, etc. But, we know that the most interesting challenges are often the most satisfying to overcome. So, together as a team, we do what is needed to give our customers solutions in real time. We let them know that we care about their freight as much as they do.

Q: What about The Squad would surprise people the most?

A: Most people cannot tell Mary and Emily’s voices apart on the phone. That can make for some funny exchanges with our customers. And, we revel in our meme days! Mary and Emily especially like to send Pat cat memes (his favorite) when he least expects it.

Q: What other tidbits would be good to know about The Squad?

A: We come from different backgrounds and experiences, but we work so well together because we are all 100% committed to not only ZMac but to The Squad. We do everything we can to make sure every load, every day, goes as smoothly as possible and we trust one another to get the job done. We’re all passionate about what we do.

A Big Thank You to The Squad.
And, welcome to the ZMac Neighborhood!

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