Show Up For You: Coffee With The CEO

Coffee With the CEO hero image

Coffee With the CEO hero image

Often in the sales game, we get a ton of rejection. It is really important not to take it personally and find ways to measure our success to keep things positive. We say, “Move the needle a little bit, 1% every day, and that is a success.”

The Daily 5 List

I encourage our sales team to make a list of 5 things they want to achieve every day. These 5 things must be small and incremental; like talk to the right person at a customer location, or log all my calls, or get to the quoting stage for a customer you have not been able to quote yet.

These 5 things must also be a little stretchy, so they are not totally comfortable. The idea is to be able to make some kind of measurable progress so you can stay positive in your pursuit of solving problems for our customers.

The Daily 5 List also helps create a habit. You have to show up for you to make this happen. It takes some discipline, but when you start seeing measurable positive results, you can see that you are making progress. You are moving forward, and that is when things will start to happen.

Try it tomorrow and see how you feel. It works for me.




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