Load of the Month: Shipping 19 Mambas in 2 Days


Ship 19 Mambas in 3 weeks?

How about 2 days?

We were tasked with delivering 19 Mamba’s—U.S. military vehicles used for supporting government personnel overseas—from North Carolina to Delaware to be shipped to Africa. The dimensions of each Mamba are 20’7”L x 8’4”W x 9’4”H and weigh 25,353lbs. Each needed its own trailer equipped with ramps to load and offload. Long story short: They’re big.

But just like any shipment, we were ready to help when unforeseen problems occurred.

Originally, we planned to ship the Mambas in 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately, the coronavirus reduced the shipper’s ability to meet that deadline. Then to complicate matters, issues with some of the vehicle’s transmissions further delayed delivery.

What was once 2-3 weeks for delivery was now 3 days. Then 2 days.

Was ZMac up to the challenge?

As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti we were ready.

ZMac was able to quickly schedule 14 trucks to load the following day. At the last moment, we lost a couple of trucks due to drivers with Covid-19 symptoms. Fortunately, we were still able to load 12 on the first day and the remaining 7 on the second day, all before 3PM. All 19 Mambas were delivered in time to make the voyage to Africa.

ZMac goes above and beyond, again. We were able to overcome every challenge by being agile and flexible to meet the new shipping timelines and schedule the trucks to be loaded. We shipped 19 Mambas in 2 days, when we originally expected to have 3 weeks.

We’d like to thank everyone who pulled together to help us get it done.

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