5 Reasons Why ZMac’s Shipper’s Interest Insurance Is The Smartest Protection For Your Cargo

Shipper’s Interest Insurance is just that – Insurance that is in your best interest as the shipper. Not many logistics brokers provide Shipper’s Interest Insurance. But, that’s precisely why we at ZMac do – because it’s the right thing for our customers. And, doing the right thing for our customers is what we do best. Every transport, every time.

Why is Shipper’s Interest Insurance the smartest choice for your cargo? Here are 5 reasons.

Protection Against Physical Loss or Damage To Your Shipment Think of Shipper’s Interest Insurance as the best and easiest risk management tool available. With coverage that reaches beyond general liability, Shipper’s Interest Insurance ensures that your cargo is in good hands throughout its entire journey.     2.   Reimbursement for Damaged or Lost Freight Unlike carrier’s liability insurance, Shipper’s Interest Insurance provides full-value payment on your damaged or lost new cargo.       3.   No Need To Prove Liability Shipper’s Interest Insurance pays to repair or replace your cargo regardless of whether the carrier is found liable. There’s no burden to prove liability, which speeds up processing, getting us to #4.     4.  Quicker Resolutions and Payment Shipper’s Interest Insurance eliminates the time-consuming processing that is commonplace with carrier’s insurance. With no proof of liability, shorter resolve periods become the new normal.     5.  More Knowns, Fewer Unknowns Simply put, with Shipper’s Interest Insurance, you know what you’re getting - solid coverage, no guesswork, no finger-pointing, no delays. It’s a far better option for your cargo than relying on the carrier’s coverage. And, that’s just plain smart.

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