We Are So At The Details.

(So You Don’t Have To Be.)

Living and breathing the logistical details of transporting oversized freight is our thing. We do this, so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. (Or the big stuff, either.) From the minute we begin working with you until the final delivery of your freight, we go full circle on our commitment to handling every aspect of the job. And we keep you in constant contact every mile of the way. That’s ZMac’s 360° pledge.

The fact is, the logistics behind shipping oversized freight is not a “send it and forget it” type of transaction. It is highly specialized work with ever-changing dynamics. From specific city, state, and federal regulations to county road, highway, and interstate requirements to fast-moving weather that affects travel conditions. It’s about paperwork, permits, and planning for the unexpected. And it’s about knowing what is best for you and your OD load.

As highly trained OD transportation brokers, our ZMac team is chock full of logistical experts on the nitty gritty of over-dimensional shipping. That means oversized transport, flatbed, wide load permits, port/ocean freight, professional carriers, and everything else in between to coordinate getting your OD cargo from here to there, at the most competitive and accurate rates available. Over city roads, along interstates, into and out of ocean ports, and across international borders into Canada and Mexico. We’ve got your back.


The percentage of real-time supply chain visibility we provide


ZFreight, our breakthrough fully-integrated freight management system, is the first of its kind for OD, flatbed, and van LTL, putting you in the driver’s seat to optimize your supply chain and improve speed to market.

Be the first to reap the rewards of ZFreight.


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We say “Bring us your big, your bulky, your bizarre!” We know more than a thing or two about oversized loads and wide load shipping.

Find out how many things we know about OD.

Pre-Qualified Carriers

How many top notch carriers we have at the ready


We think of our nationwide network of carriers as our extended family. They are proven professionals, timely, and dependable as the day is long. Plus, they’re nice people.

Find out why our Pre-Qualified Carriers are second to none.

ZRATE – Oversized Freight Quotes

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ZRATE is our rate quote gamechanger. You won’t find this kind of tool anywhere else. And you won’t believe how easy it is to receive quick, accurate, detailed quotes.

See for yourself how ZRATE works.

Port/Ocean Freight

The number of domestic ports we service


What if getting your freight from Point A to Point B has an ocean standing in its way? We’re experts at navigating the logistics in and out of ocean ports.

Learn how our Port/Ocean Freight Services are smooth sailing.

Trucks, Trailers, and Equipment

The number of loads we broker per month


Flatbeds, step decks, double drops, and goosenecks. (Say that three times fast.) We’re known for expertly pairing your OD load with the ideal truck, trailer, and equipment.

Learn how our Trucks, Trailers, and Equipment are guaranteedto be the best match for you.

Border Crossing

The number of time zones your OD freight may travel through in Canada.


Moving your OD freight across a border in Canada or Mexico can be complicated, requiring an in-depth understanding of border crossing requirements and documentation. We thrive on that stuff.

See how our Border Crossing Services make shipping to Canada or Mexico smooth as can be.

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