Service is King: Coffee With The CEO

Coffee With the CEO Graphic - September 22

Companies pretty regularly throw around the word ‘service’ when they describe what they do. That made me think about what service means to us at ZMac. Within our ZMac team, we stress our commitment to service above everything else. We set the expectation individually, and as a company, to give our best every day. Then we make it a way of life here.

Service is a nagging underlying need to be perfect with what we do. It is a relentless drive to do everything possible to help our customers. It is how we draw the line on doing what is right every time and creating lasting relationships. It means working with a smile, being a trusted advisor, and being counted on to help our customers and co-workers. It is what we give and what we expect in return. It is in the fabric of who we are, and we are tested daily on if we are good enough. Service is the reason we make changes, improve, and grow.

When we talk about service, we talk about our reason for being. It is at our core and the highest priority of what ZMac stands for, it’s not just a marketing buzz word.  It is how I was raised and taught to work in my parent’s retail store when I was 13. It is what I have witnessed as a kid growing up watching my folks. And it is what I have based every business decision on since those days. Service is transcendent, it is the thing people remember and the thing they come back for. You see service means something more to us. It is why, here at ZMac, service is king.



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