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Think You’re Cut Out For Your Dream Sales Job in Racine?
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ZMac Transportation Sales Job Quiz

You know that dream job? It’s one that inspires you, challenges you, and rewards you for your hard work, effort, and good ‘ol smarts. It’s the one that seeps into your mind as you’re sitting through endless meeting after endless meeting. It’s the one that finally lets you tell your friends and family, “I’ve found where I belong.”

What if that job was looking you in the eyes right now? Do you have the right stuff?

Take this quiz and find out.

True or False

1. I thrive on connecting with people and finding out what makes them tick.

2. I enjoy learning new things, even when it’s complex.

3. I like to do things that are outside my comfort zone.

4. I describe myself as a creative problem solver.

5. I don’t like to take “No” for an answer.

We’re looking for 5 True’s

If you answered “True” to all 5 questions, then your dream sales job might be right here at ZMac. Our double-digit, award-winning growth means we need more charismatic, motivated, tenacious people like you to join our Elite Sales Team.

Want to know more about ZMac? Did we mention that:

  • We believe in a strong training and mentoring foundation.

    Every new member of our Elite Sales Team receives 4 weeks of classroom learning with our Training and Development Manager and 8 weeks of on-the-job mentoring. We invest in you right off the bat, so you can start out strong and be successful.

  • Our industry has unlimited potential.

    Every year, more and more companies are turning to logistics providers to handle their transportation. As a specialized, highly-skilled broker, there is a high demand for our services. That’s the ideal environment for an energetic sales exec. Discover how ZMac is revolutionizing the transportation logistics industry.

  • We’ve built a culture of camaraderie.

    We all spend a lot of our lives at our workplace. So, why not make that time the best it can be, surrounded by people who revel in making a difference and truly enjoy each other? Plus, we’ve got an indoor putting green and foosball.

Find out more about our Sales Executive positions here.

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