Is It Risky To Be Successful: Coffee with the CEO

Coffee With the CEO Graphic - March 3

Is It Risky To Be Successful?
When you think about the times in your life that you got what you wanted, were they stressful, exciting, scary? When you bought your first new car or house did it require intense focus? Did you lose sleep dreaming about it? Was it all-consuming for a short period of time? Doing things that are risky, like your first house purchase, requires a clear vision and courage. Can we make the payments? What will it be like to raise a family in this house? Yes, I can see us living there, let’s make it happen.

Does the vision create the outcome? Having a clear goal or purpose creates the vision that makes everything possible. The risk is suddenly reduced when you are clear as to the desired outcome. Why do some people proceed seemingly without a sense of risk and others are stuck and have no sense of purpose? How can I be in a position to take some risk?

When I think about risk, the first thing I think about is failure. The risk is in not moving forward, not in failing. Failing is part of any true experience, but how you handle it is just as important. Do you know how many times successful people fail? A million more times than they have been successful. Failure is part of the journey. It is part of the fun and what makes things exciting. You must try new things, fail, and keep trying in order to find success.

True risk is putting yourself out there, asking for help, admitting you do not have all the answers, and being wrong. Failing is not continuing to try, to improve, and help others do the same. There is no risk in being successful; the real risk is leading a life that is not extraordinary.

Put yourself out there and take some risks!


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