Plant Machinery to Texas

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ZMac Load of the Month - Plant Machinery to Texas

In August, a six load rubber plant machinery project traveled from Illinois to Texas. Two loads were 36 feet 1 inch long, 17 feet 11 inches wide, 13 feet 6 inches high and 53,360 pounds. Two loads were 36 feet long, 18 feet 2 inches wide, 9 feet 5 inches high and 29,500 pounds. The remaining two loads were 36 feet long, … Read More

Autoclaves to South Carolina

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Two Autoclaves at 93 feet long, 9 feet wide, 10 feet high, and 103,000 pounds each were hauled from a retired plant in Pennsylvania to a recently shut down plant in Summerville, South Carolina for consolidation. Without the help and coordination of ZMac’s finest carrier, this job would not have been a success. ZMac Transportation takes great pride in our ability … Read More

Mining Machines to Australia

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Recently, we moved a 65 load coal mining machine project with 85% of the loads over dimensional, but two of those loads outshine the rest. Two loads were hauled from Kentucky to Savannah, Georgia with their final destination in Australia, at 87 feet long, 14 feet wide, 8 feet high, and 250,000 pounds and 77 feet long, 14 feet wide, 11 … Read More

Large Generators to Georgia

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  A pharmaceutical facility takes shape in Georgia as ZMac delivers the power. Two large generators with enclosures made their way to Social Circle, Georgia during the month of April. The loads were 56 feet 5 inches long, 15 feet wide, 14 feet high, and 87,000 pounds. These large loads were strategically scheduled by ZMac’s sales and operations team.

Large Generators to Maryland

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Two large generators nestled inside a couple of hefty enclosures made their way from Wisconsin to the state of Maryland during the month of March. The loads were 31 feet 6 inches long, 13 feet 1 inch wide, 13 feet 11 inches high, and 49,500 pounds. These loads were strategically scheduled around the Midwest’s treacherous and unforgiving winter weather. Both … Read More

Large Generator to Texas

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ZMac Load of the Month - Large Generator to Texas

August 2014 will mark the completion of the new University of Houston Football Stadium. The new $105 million dollar stadium will consist of 40,000 seats, a synthetic turf, 3,735 parking spaces, and a very large 1,250 KW enclosed generator engine for emergency backup power. The generator set was 37 feet long, 9 feet 6 inches wide, 11 feet 3 inches … Read More

Generators to Kentucky

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ZMac Load of the Month - Generators to Kentucky

Thirteen loads containing generator sets, switch gears, and enclosures were hauled from Illinois to Ohio before making their final journey to Kentucky. The loads varied in length, width, height, and weight from 20 feet long, 16 feet 8 inches wide, 12 feet 4 inches high, and 42,800 pounds to 40 feet long, 12 feet 9 inches wide, 14 feet high, … Read More