Large Generators to Maryland

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Two large generators nestled inside a couple of hefty enclosures made their way from Wisconsin to the state of Maryland during the month of March. The loads were 31 feet 6 inches long, 13 feet 1 inch wide, 13 feet 11 inches high, and 49,500 pounds. These loads were strategically scheduled around the Midwest’s treacherous and unforgiving winter weather. Both trucks convoyed through eastern and southern states in order to avoid the always apprehensive bucket trucks.

The journey from Wisconsin to Maryland is a 900 mile crow’s fly trip, but in the over dimensional world, the drivers traveled over 1,300 miles. After arriving onsite for delivery a few issues had to be addressed because of the size of the generator sets. Once the issues were resolved, both trucks were able to get successfully offloaded late in the night.