The Inside Scoop On Pre-Qualified Carriers (And Why You’d Better Be Using One)

Pre-Qualified Carriers

Not all carriers are created equal. We sure wish they were, but they’re not. As a leader in the transportation logistics industry, we learned this lesson a long time ago, the hard way. And that learning spurred us on to implement the most rigorous carrier requirements out there. We’ve set the bar very high to pre-qualify a carrier. For us to even consider a carrier to transport your oversized freight, they must fulfill ZMac’s specific prerequisites. That’s why we have so much faith in our pre-qualified carriers. They’ve earned it.

We’ve got over 7,000 pre-qualified carriers in our database, and we demand a lot from them.

Pre-Qualified Carriers
We require:
  • An in-depth, independent endorsement of insurance coverage and claim history

  • A consistently high approval rating after every move

  • An up-to-date assessment of carrier preferences, regions, and trailer equipment

  • A professional and ethical commitment to their work

You might be wondering what would get us to refuse or remove a carrier’s pre-qualified status.
  • Dishonest behavior

  • Late deliveries

  • Incomplete paperwork

  • Demanding of additional payments

Our Pre-Qualified Carriers Are Like Our Family

When we find a carrier who exceeds our expectations with every transport, we’ve found a valuable asset for our customers and our company. We treat these carriers like members of our ZMac family; continuing to foster this trusted relationship and watching it grow into something truly special.

“In the very early days of ZMac, we started working with a family-owned operation with only one truck. Although they were a small carrier, their dedication to providing exceptional service was like none other. They have continued to prove themselves through the years, securing their spot as a trusted go-to for OD transport. Now, they have grown to a profitable five-truck carrier. It’s been rewarding to see their accomplishments – and to know we’ve played and will continue to play – an integral role in their success. This carrier exemplifies the types of win/win partnerships ZMac seeks.”

Jeff McMahon, CEO ZMac

Click here to see what our pre-qualified carriers can do for you.

Do You Feel Confident In Your Carrier?

We know that our pre-qualified carriers have what it takes to move your over-dimensional freight professionally, efficiently, and safely. We’re so confident in their excellence; we’ll stake our reputation on it. Because that’s what it means to work with ZMac.


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