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ZMac Transportation’s booth!

Visit us in booth 5431 for coffee & conversation each day. Headquartered in the Midwest, ZMac has the pulse on transportation during the upcoming colder months including frost laws, port shutdowns, and DOT office closures.

Stop by booth 5431 for ZMac’s solutions for the top 3 transportation roadblocks.

  1. Are you required to get multiple quotes per load?
    No problem! ZMac offers a 3 quote Fair Market Analysis for each load. All of our quotes are guaranteed with 48 hour notice.
  2. Do you have a difficult time managing multiple load projects?
    No worries, ZMac has a Project Management Solutions tool that manages multiple loads with real-time updates.
  3. Are you finding yourself frustrated because you aren’t receiving timely status updates?
    We got it covered! ZMac offers 24/7 access to a salesperson along with tracking options for our carriers.

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Brighten up your morning with a delicious cup of coffee and some stimulating conversation with Team ZMac. Join us in booth 5431 for more solutions for all of your transportation needs.

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