Optimism Trumps All: Coffee With The CEO

Coffee With the CEO Graphic - February 6

We are in the process of recruiting 15 new salespeople to join our team in April. We are going to do this three times this year. That’s 45 new salespeople in 2018! That number doesn’t include the 15 others we will probably need. 2018 is going to be a big year for us.

In putting together our recruitment plan, we looked at the traits we want to see in an ideal candidate. Beyond the fact that we want them to be computer literate and a good communicator, we considered, what are those intangibles that really propel a person to a great career here?

For me, I think about the great people we have at ZMac or the successful business people I know with whom I surround myself. They all share one important trait: optimism.

Optimism Makes All The Difference

We all have “stuff” happening in our lives but being optimistic lifts people up and creates a sense of limitless possibilities. It also challenges people to be better. I would much rather be around a person who is trying to make things better, find solutions, and solve problems than the opposite. The sky is always falling, and nothing changes to these people.

You have all heard the phrase, “You get what you pray for.” The universe doesn’t know good from bad. If you are always projecting negativity, then you will continue to create those things. Likewise, if you are optimistic, things will appear in a different light, and you will see only opportunities no matter the weather going on around you.

I love optimistic, positive people. They project a sense that they can accomplish anything. They have a knowing that I want to drink in. Is it confidence? Yes, but it’s not arrogance. Their optimism inspires others. People who are optimistic also understand their limitations, and they seek counsel when needed. They are humble, and they give. I saw a quote the other day, “Leaders give, give, give, and then give some more.” People who are negative, take, take, take, sucking the air out of a room. I’ve seen it happen.

Let’s Help Each Other Get To Shore

Hey, we are all in the same boat together. Let’s be positive and help each other get to shore –  not complain about having only one oar. Optimism is a powerful and compelling leadership quality to us at ZMac and something we hope to hire about 50 times in 2018.

Start rowing,

Are you an optimistic leader?

Join our team and see how we can change the industry together!

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