October 2016 Freight Trends

Trending FSD Loads OUTBOUND Graph


This autumn, the total number of available loads nationwide has remained fairly steady. The current level is similar to the numbers we experienced at this same time last year. Of all the markets across the country where ZMac Transportation evaluates capacity, 78% of the markets experienced some growth the past two months. For the year to date, we are currently 53% lower than the highest number of available loads seen at the end of March.

The accompanying chart reflects the variance in number of available outbound loads over the past two months from the respective market’s 90-day average. Midwest Great Lake areas are predominately represented in top gainers, with Chicago and Cleveland pulling along adjacent areas. The Portland area experienced the greatest growth the past two months, while Spokane and Seattle fell just outside the top 15 gainers. The bottom 15 areas have been rather stagnant and have not experienced any significant declines in proportion to their usual number of available loads.

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