The Surprising Way Oil Prices Affected ZMac’s Business

ZMAC Capacity Analysis Total Loads 2014 2015 2016

In the transportation logistics industry, the price of oil impacts everything. Beginning in 2014, crude oil prices took a steady downturn. Well, severe nose dive is more accurate. On the first impression, you might think, “That’s great news for the trucking and transportation industry.” And you’d be right. Unless your business is deeply tied to oil transportation. Then, the decline … Read More

Dealing With Obstacles: Coffee with the CEO

Coffee With the CEO Graphic - Jan 9

  Have you ever heard this phrase: turning the obstacle upside down? It’s about letting the obstacle create the path that you must navigate. I recently read an excerpt from a book about obstacles and it made me sit back and really think about how we overcome obstacles every day. Each obstacle may be unique, but the response to an … Read More

Prefabricated Building to Louisiana

ZMac Load of the Month December 2016 - Prefabricated Building to Louisiana

In December, we coordinated the delivery of a prefabricated building that was 60 feet 2 inches long, 14 feet wide, 13 feet 8 inches high, and 90,000 pounds. It picked up in South Dakota and delivered in Louisiana.  

Our Holiday Gift To You

ZMac Holiday Blog

Seasons Greetings! In this time of gift giving, we racked our brains to come up with the best present for you, our loyal customers and carriers. (Y’know, anyone ever tell you that you’re hard to buy for?) We thought about some nice, woolen socks. (Awesome gift, right?) But, we decided no. We considered a battery operated candle. (Fire safety and … Read More

Being Comfortable with Discomfort

Coffee With the CEO Graphic - Dec 7

Are we always working to be comfortable, or are we currently fighting the uncomfortable to remain the same? With change there is discomfort. Change is inevitable; we cannot avoid it. Nothing stays the same, but growth is optional. Discomfort is the sign that you need to change. It is the universe yelling “HELLO! How many signs do you need?” If you don’t make … Read More

5 Reasons Why This Thanksgiving Is All About You

ZMac Thanksgiving Work With Us

Thanksgiving is upon us. Here at ZMac, we are knee-deep into the holiday, swapping sweet potato pie recipes, searching for our most forgiving pair of pants to wear during the festive meal, and vying for prime sofa spots to watch endless hours of football. And, of course, giving thanks. To us, that “attitude of gratitude” is something you can never … Read More

October 2016 Freight Trends

Trending FSD Loads OUTBOUND Graph

This autumn, the total number of available loads nationwide has remained fairly steady. The current level is similar to the numbers we experienced at this same time last year. Of all the markets across the country where ZMac Transportation evaluates capacity, 78% of the markets experienced some growth the past two months. For the year to date, we are currently … Read More

ZMac Awarded on 2016 Inc. 5000 List

ZMac Team

We’re proud to announce ZMac has again been awarded the prestigious recognition of ranking number 3997 on the 2016 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America list by Inc. Magazine. With strategy, outstanding service, innovation and of course, hard work, we were able to achieve a growth rate of 73% in three years and an annual revenue of $12.8 million … Read More

Load of the Month: Pop-Up Fast Food Restaurant

ZMac Fast Food Oversized Freight

Recently, ZMac had the pleasure – and challenge – of helping a major fast food chain undertake the beginning of an innovative new project. The ZMac team was approached in April to help haul a 20,000-pound prefabricated building halfway across the country. The pop-up restaurant was the first of its kind and we were excited to have the chance to be … Read More