Never Give Up: Coffee With The CEO

Coffee With the CEO Graphic - November 7


When Matt and I started this business, we wanted it to be a different type of brokerage. We wanted to change an industry that traditionally had a black eye when it comes to service. We wanted to create a revolution in the transportation business; particularly in the over-dimensional space. That has been and will always be who we are at ZMac.

We want to change what customers should expect for service and how we operate internally with each other. When issues arise, we get very granular on how we can fix them. We want everyone to feel like they can make a change if we understand each other and share the same  goals. Running a business always presents opportunities for improvement, and we have our fair share.  

I believe we can fix anything and we have a duty to do things others can’t. We should not give up and say “That’s how it is,’’ or “Nothing ever changes.” There are ways to make things happen as long as you are never willing to surrender and you carry the belief that if we can control it, we can do it right. This might seem a tad bit exhausting to manage but if you want to move mountains…


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