March 2015 Freight Trends

ZMac March 2015 Freight Trends - Trending FSD Loads OUTBOUND

FT MAR 15 graph


The month of March continued the recent surge in available loads across the country.  Starting with the last week of January, available loads have steadily climbed to levels we have not seen since October of last year.  As such, we are now entering the time of the year where demand begins to stress capacity.


The accompanying reflects the variance in number of available outbound loads the past two months from the 90-day average.  You’ll see that the Middle Atlantic areas populate the outbound trending leaders.  Great Lakes areas have dipped slightly the past 90 days but are holding steady.  Overall, twice as many areas have experienced gains than those experiencing declines.  Compared to last year at this time, this year has been slower to gain and not nearly as dramatic.

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