Lights, Camera, Action. Behind-The-Scenes Of Making The ZMac Culture Video

ZMac Transportation Behind the Scenes Video

What happens when you take 20 of ZMac’s most stellar employees, thrust a camera in their faces and film them answering one, seemingly simple question?

The brutal truth? You get one heck of a great blooper reel. And, beyond that, you get something else that’s really special. You get the heart and soul of ZMac in technicolor - which is indeed something to be seen.

What We Set Out To Do

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Working at ZMac is unlike anywhere else. So, we set out to try to put into words exactly what it is about ZMac. We wanted to know from our crackerjack team what it is about ZMac that keeps:

  • Our employees brimming with happiness.

  • Our company growing by leaps and bounds year after year.

  • Our reputation as a great place to work.

How We Made the ZMac Culture Video

With the help of our marketing and technology friends at Tuna Traffic to oversee the filming, production, and editing, we booked two shoot dates in the late summer. One day for interviews, the second day for our B-roll footage of people doing their thing at work. (Which, at any given time, included ping pong, mini golf, basketball, and general fun.) We selected several of our best and brightest in sales, operations, and leadership to sit down with us and be interviewed. With everyone’s busy schedules at ZMac, this was a bit like herding cats, but it all fell into place in the end.

We started by asking a single question. Why ZMac? From there, the interviews were free-flowing, with people speaking off the cuff on ZMac’s work environment, training process, and what sets ZMac apart from the competition. Then something unbelievable happened. Unprompted, everyone began talking about the same thing that, to each of them, really makes ZMac an extraordinary place: ZMac’s culture. From cheering on the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park to the Rollin’ Smoke food truck Anniversary Luncheon, ZMac knows how to have fun.

ZMac Video Culture Interview
ZMac Video Interview

What We Heard

With their faces beaming, each interviewee shared stories about his or her favorite aspect of ZMac’s culture. From field trips to Miller Park, food truck days, Halloween costume contests, to private movie showings, with each story, the smiles grew bigger. You might be wondering, which example of ZMac culture garnered the most mentions and laughter? The karaoke. Did we hear some singing? You’ll have to watch the video yourself to see. (If you’re lucky, maybe we’ll share the blooper reel...)

Stay tuned for scenes from our ZMac Culture video on what makes an ideal candidate.

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