Is Your New Year’s Resolution a New Career?

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There’s something about the New Year, right? We get swept up in the ‘newness’ of everything, of starting fresh, of making changes in our lives that matter. For some, that means resolving to actually use that gym membership (which lasts until January 29th or sooner if the gym parking lot is just too packed.) But, for others, there is a more lasting resolution in mind – to start a new career. For that resolution, we here at ZMac can help.

We’re Growing and We’re Hiring

You may have heard about our continued consecutive years of double-digit growth. Not to get all braggadocious, but it’s the kind of stuff that wins awards. All that growth means one thing. We need more outstanding people to join our Elite Sales Team. Now, you might be thinking, “But, I’m not a seasoned sales person.” No worries. We love those candidates who come to us with years of sales experience. (And if that’s you, let’s chat.) However, we also put incredible stock in candidates who come to us with those intangibles that make for a stellar sales person – even if they’ve never done a lick of actual sales.

So, What Are We Looking For?

1. Hunger

We don’t mean the tummy-growling kind of hunger. (But if that’s the case, we do always have plenty of nutritious and delicious office snacks on hand, not to mention our numerous Team ZMac potluck lunches, chili cook-offs, etc.) We mean the kind of hunger that drives you to go for it, to get outside of your comfort zone, and to push yourself to do great things.

2. Curiosity

We’re looking for people who are inspired to acquire new information, ask questions, and who aren’t intimidated by complexity. The transportation logistics industry is in constant motion, (pun intended) and we need people who are eager to learn our trade and thrive in an environment that’s never stagnant.

3. Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

If you’re wanting to work for a company where everybody says, “That’s the way we’ve always done things around here. Nothing ever changes.” Then, ZMac is not the place for you. Our mission is to revolutionize the transportation industry through unwavering accountability, impeccable customer service, and progressive innovation. That kind of mission requires a commitment from everyone on our team to discover new ways of doing things.

ZMac Open Houses

Let ZMac help make your New Year New Career resolution a reality.

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