Inspiration: Coffee With The CEO

Coffee With the CEO Graphic - January 3

I recently met with one of our brilliant IT vendors and it is so amazing to see how people think and organize their work. Being exposed to different industries and how they do their job is very interesting. We spent an hour together, and I felt like a sponge soaking up the process work that was going on. Yes, it was very technical, but I was also watching from an organizational standpoint. There are so many things they do to track work and chart the next steps. How can I use some of these in my business?  My takeaways from that meeting left me inspired. I wanted to share those with you here so you may be motivated to make changes in your routine.

  • Collaborating is a Must

Not only does it help you share your ideas but it will give the group an opportunity to tune into what is the eventual expected outcome.

  • Measure Growth

Track the capability of your people. Getting your people trained will help everyone in the long run. Understanding that will help the organization move forward.

  • Reflect on Meetings

When you leave a meeting if you don’t feel smarter, then it wasn’t a valuable meeting.

  • Confidence is King

If your people have confidence and understanding in what you are doing, they will perform like rock stars. Don’t miss this point.

  • We are Humans

Humans require face to face interaction, explanation, and motivation. Be a good human. Be warm, be understanding, be generous, and listen. We all deserve that.          



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