The Value of Talking with Customers: Coffee with the CEO

Coffee With the CEO Graphic - December 5

This time of year I always want to make sure I am talking to my customers. There is no better way to establish a relationship than hearing your customer on the phone. It is possible to have an email relationship with a customer or to do the majority of your work via email, and some of our customers are like that. However, none of our customers started out that way and, in the end, the relationship is not sustainable if you are not talking to them on the phone. We have done enough research to know that face-to-face is best, and being on the phone is a close second.

I don’t want us to be a company that does not spend time talking to customers.This is a skill, a craft, and one you can get really good at. Most of the quality relationships we have ever had here are the ones where the customer knows who we are. They respect and take ownership of their part of the transaction. The other day we received an email from our sales rep Caleb’s customer. In the email, the customer said that he understood that he has a responsibility to build a relationship with us. It was groundbreaking having a customer tell us that! We know that is right where we want to be.

Make talking to customers a priority and enjoy doing it. Make getting to know and understand them the priority.  Moving freight will be the by-product of a cool call. December is all about the holidays and family and giving. Give your customers some of your time and find a way to make their life easy. It’s all gravy after that.

Happy Holidays-


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