The Future of Fully-Integrated Freight Management Is Here [Infographic]

ZFreight Service Freight Management Tool ZMac

Introducing ZFreight, the breakthrough freight management tool.

ZFreight, ZMac’s breakthrough freight management tool, is the first fully-integrated freight transportation system of its kind for OD, flatbed and van LTL. ZFreight delivers 100% end-to-end supply chain visibility, unmatched efficiencies and the smartest functionality for your freight transport.

But, how does ZFreight work, exactly?

  • Partner with ZMac Sales Team

  • Log into ZFreight portal

  • Enter freight specifics

  • Get the lowest price that matches actual truck buy rate (No broker has shown this before.)

  • ZFreight instantly optimizes route, secures carrier, delivers dealer discount

  • Place order at guaranteed price

  • Gain 100% visibility into your supply chain

  • View real-time tracking

  • Evaluate detailed reports and analytics

  • Make smarter, strategic decisions for your business

Be the first to revolutionize your freight management with ZFreight.


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