The Most Compelling Reason To Take Control Of Your Freight Management Right Now

ZFreight Freight Management System ZMac

It’s the new year - time to turn over a new leaf, take a different approach, start fresh. (We’re not talking a new diet.) We’re talking taking control of your freight management and for the first time, being able to expertly manage your own OD, flatbed and Van LTL logistics in a way that was never before possible.

We’re talking ZFreight.

But, What Is ZFreight?

ZFreight is the first of its kind freight management tool. ZFreight offers you 100% access to a fully-integrated freight transportation system specifically designed for the OD, flatbed, and Van LTL industry. There’s nothing out there like it.

How Does ZFreight Work?

ZFreight lets you be hands-on with our groundbreaking ZRATE technology. In the past, this total access was available only to our ZMac team. With ZFreight, this total access is yours. Meaning, you can see first-hand everything you need to manage your freight effectively. End-to-end supply chain visibility, accurate inventory forecasting, and streamlined efficiencies. All at your fingertips.

What Does ZFreight Give Me 100% Access To?

In a word, everything.

  • Guaranteed Price Based On Truck Buy Rate

  • Real-Time Tracking, Reporting And Analytics

  • Up-To-The-Minute Inventory Management

  • Route Optimization

  • Freight Consolidation

  • Automated Freight Auditing

  • Pre-Qualified Carrier Selection

Isn’t It Time To Take Control of Your Freight Management?

We thought you’d agree.

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