Being In The Flow: Coffee With The CEO

By now we have all heard the term, “being in the flow.” At our office, I can tell when people are “in it” or not, and it is truly amazing to watch. Being in the flow doesn’t happen overnight, and certainly, it is a skill that can be developed with time and intent.

How To Get Into The Flow State

To operate in the flow state you must believe in what you are doing, and that you can do whatever it takes to do the job. You must know this beyond a doubt in your quest. You also need to set a particular goal or have a reward that is achievable and meaningful. Strike achievable in the last sentence. The goal must only be meaningful. Achievable is a condition you tie to an outcome that will only limit your ability.

Then, you practice by doing. When you are a salesperson you get immediate feedback on if you are successful or not. Did you further the conversation? You probably thought I was going to ask if you got the sale, right? I want meaningful goals. Could you close a customer and call it a success? Sure, but is it reasonable to expect? Is it a first touch? Do you have a long sales cycle? Are you so good you can close in one phone call? Do you want a job? You set the expectation for what you want to achieve and then, with belief, just make it happen. I am telling you, it is that easy. You will find when you get out of your own way; things will fall into place.  Then you are ready to flow.

From Effort Comes Flow

Getting into the state of flow starts when you wake up, or rather when you go to sleep. Putting yourself in the mental and physical mindset for optimal performance is key. You must perform at the highest level daily to get good at this. You must come to work ready to leave it all out on the field every day. The flow state is achieved by work effort. Success comes from effort; effort comes from intent, drive, willpower and always looking to improve. The old adage is true. Sometimes you need to throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks. Keep at it, and I promise you will get exactly what you need.

Let me know how things are going for you in your quest to flow.



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