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Find Your Center

Do you recall a time when you cleaned around the house, and you just felt better?  Decluttering a closet is a big one for me. Removing things that do not serve me anymore, getting back to basics, focusing on simplifying things. When I feel like I am accomplishing things, checking them off a list of to-do’s creates a clearing. I feel connected and in harmony with life.

It’s easier to do in your actual house than in your head, for sure. When life presents too many problems or distractions we become scattered, and it leaves us overwhelmed, stressed, and depressed. Taking control of things to find your center is just as important an activity as eating and breathing. Most of us go through life barely hanging on; rushing about trying to be all things to everyone.  The kids, our family, work, meal plans, school, and maybe the gym if it is not too much. Sound familiar?

I am constantly trying to shuffle and prioritize to stay focused and sane. I have had to make changes to be more centered in my own world. I want life to go at my pace, and I want to enjoy it. To realize it, I had to admit that I have no actual control over anything but me right now in this moment. How cool is that? That’s the secret. It may not seem complex, but being upset about what happened yesterday or being fearful about tomorrow is just not productive. You can choose to be present in this moment and finish reading this, maybe read it again and apply some of it, or click away and follow another path.  Either way being present with whatever is happening with you is the key to finding your center.

There is a growing collective-consciousness that with a lot of hard work and intention, you can live every moment of your life on your terms.  

Benjamin Hardy

Here are some practical applications to finding your center.

  • Get enough sleep.

Be fresh and ready for the day.  It makes all the difference.

  • Eat right.

This is a tough one for most of us but ask yourself, how do these Cheetos serve me?

  • Treat your body like a temple.

Less that 25% of us workout on the regular. Get moving, walk, skip, garden, do something that makes you feel good, sore even. You only get one vessel to reside in on this earth. Take care of it, and it will last longer.

  • Finally, love someone.

There is no better feeling than loving and being loved.  It is a total act of selflessness to allow yourself to be loved and love someone in return.

Be present in every moment and things will start to change for you. Life will slow down, take on more meaning and your appreciation for all things will start to show. Of course, practice makes perfect, and there is no better time to start than the present.


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