February 2015 Freight Trends



The month of February brought positive news as the number of available loads gradually increased after being stuck in neutral most of the month of January.  After bottoming out in late January, the number of available loads is now creeping about the high mark we experienced immediately after the holidays.

In past months, we examined the trending of available loads across the country grouped by regions.  This month, we’ll snapshot the historical performance of specific areas within those regions.  While proximity to one another significantly impacts the number of loads available within an area, it is interesting to note the similar trends of those areas nowhere near one another.  The month’s charts illustrates those trends for the top 40 areas with the greatest average number of available loads since January 2014.  The charts are grouped in sets of 10; the legend is sorted from the highest average down to the lowest in that set.  Overall, Birmingham, AL (6,291 average loads) had the highest average, while St. Louis, MO (2,453 average loads) came in at #40 in our list.  Nationally, the average number of available loads for this same time period was 1,894 loads.

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