Blazing New Trails: Effective Sales Training Drives Success

Edsel Cruz ZMac Carrier Executive Sales Training

A wise person once said, “Success begets success.” We here at ZMac couldn't agree more. And, as we gear up to hire the newest members of our 2018 ZMac Elite Sales Team, we thought it might be a perfect opportunity to hear directly from one of our crackerjack sales execs. Read on to find out what it is about ZMac and their sales training that drives his success. And, if you’re a May 2018 college grad, pay special attention to Edsel’s story. You could be our next.

Please welcome Edsel Cruz, Sales Team Carrier Executive Extraordinaire.

How did you find your way to ZMac?

I was a new UW-Parkside graduate, just having earned my BA in Business Management and Marketing and a Sales Certificate. I was referred to ZMac by Focus on Community which occupies the first floor of our building in Racine. I knew I had a lot to offer the right organization, and I found a great fit with ZMac.

During your job search, what set ZMac apart from other companies?

From my first interaction with ZMac, I liked everyone’s hands-on approach to work. The owners are present and have real experience in the transportation industry.

I also appreciated how ZMac empowers their employees. We have the freedom to do our jobs without someone always telling us what to do. It’s a great feeling that I think is pretty rare in the workforce.

I was also impressed by ZMac’s office. I like all of the open spaces. I’ve found the layout of our offices helps us be comfortable and stay energized throughout the day.

What skills and experiences did you bring to ZMac that contributed most to your success?

Having prior sales experience helped a lot, especially when talking over the phone. (Phone sales is a new skill I’ve honed at ZMac.) Also, being fully bilingual helped when contacting potential customers and carriers. Overall, my openness to learning new things and willingness to challenge myself has spurred my success.

How has ZMac's sales training contributed to your success?

ZMac’s sales training set me up for immediate success. The sales training is structured in a way that really works. Everyone on the Elite Sales Team gets 4 weeks of classroom learning with ZMac’s Training and Development Manager and 8 weeks of on-the-job mentoring. I never felt like I was going at it alone. And, when it was time to spread my wings, I was confident, ready, and, as I said earlier, empowered to do my job.

What are 3 things about ZMac you would want an interested candidate to know?

  1. We are very open to new ideas and strive to make ZMac a better place for every employee.
  2. The owners focus on the growth of the company but keep employees as a top priority. Without happy employees, no company can be successful, and the owners know that.
  3. The birthday lunches are great!

May 2018 College Graduates,
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