Because Everything Moves Fast on The East Coast

Including Your Over-Dimensional Freight


We’ve Got Your Fast
(And We’ve Got Your Back)

Let’s cut to the chase. With East Coast logistics, when you need a quote, you need it now. That’s why ZMac is the only logistics broker to deliver instant freight quotes for over-dimensional, overweight, and oversized freight. We can do in 2 seconds what used to take hours or even days. (That’s right. We said 2 seconds.) On top of that, we handle every aspect of your cargo’s safe, secure, on-time transport and delivery. Guaranteed.

What We Offer
  • Most competitive and accurate freight quotes available
  • Constant communication and coordination from pickup to delivery
  • Agile contingency planning throughout entire transport

We are 100% committed to successful transport and delivery of your freight, regardless of size or difficulty of shipment. That’s our No Fail Policy. Will you get that kind of commitment from other brokers? Nope.

We Know East Coast Logistics

ZRATE and ZFreight

Fast freight quotes are now at your fingertips. Our ZRATE tool delivers instant, accurate rates in mere seconds. Our ZFreight fully-integrated OD freight management system is the first of its kind, giving you 100% real-time supply chain visibility.

Transportation Services

We manage all the details of your oversized freight transport. From the obscure small town road regulation to seasonal travel restrictions to fast-moving weather that affects driving conditions. Our transportation services handle all of your East Coast logistics.

Ocean Freight

We navigate the logistics of your ocean freight in and out of busy East Coast ports. We facilitate all port requirements, customs paperwork, escorts, carrier certifications, and Homeland Security regulations for your ocean freight.

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