Dare To Be Excellent

ZMac Load of the Month - Scraper to Florida

We’ve never understood those companies who just do what’s expected; those companies that are, for lack of a better word, mediocre. Why would a company strive to be “good enough?” Why would a company make the choice not to be excellent? We simply don’t get it. Every day, we at ZMac challenge ourselves to be our most excellent, never settling for average.

ZMac Value #4: Dare To Be Excellent

Excellent Is Our Average

When we set out to revolutionize the transportation logistics industry, we knew it wasn’t going to be easy. There would be roadblocks, both literally and figuratively. But, we quickly discovered that with every hurdle we overcame, our work became that much better. With each upheaval we faced, we became more determined as a company to do what’s right for our customers, our carriers, and our employees. Being excellent became our expectation for ourselves.

Over the years, as we’ve established our reputation in the marketplace, we’ve learned our customers expect excellence from us as well, because they know we can deliver it. It’s commonplace now for us to receive unsolicited referrals from our customers. We appreciate all the phone calls from new customers who tells us, “So-and-so told me that I’ve got to work with ZMac.”

ZMac Value #4 Dare To Be Excellent

You Can Always Find Cheaper, But You Can’t Always Find Excellent

We know there are brokers out there who will cut corners to move your over-dimensional freight for less money. And, it’s possible that your load will make it to its destination without incident. But, if it doesn’t, if something happens along the way, will this broker do what’s right for you? Will this broker hold themselves accountable to find solutions without passing additional costs on to you?

No, they won’t. We are the only professional over-sized transportation broker that stands by our word. The only one. We guarantee it. That’s the difference between being mediocre and daring to be excellent.

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