What You Need To Know About Crossing Borders With OD Freight

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As a transportation logistics broker specializing in over-dimensional freight, we move a ton of large loads (literally). While much of our work involves the safe and secure delivery of oversized loads within the contiguous United States, ZMac has made a name for ourselves as the go-to for freight that requires crossing a border into Canada and Mexico.

Why are we the go-to? Because we understand all the nitty gritty details to manage when moving OD freight across a border. We ask the right questions to determine the best and safest method of delivery for our customer’s freight and then find the most qualified carrier to make it happen.

  • Can the freight be transloaded?

  • Has the customs broker completed and forwarded all paperwork?

  • Have we taken into consideration all delivery requirements, such as onsite cranes?

  • Have we planned for language barriers, time zone differences or other border-related issues?

There’s one more very big reason we have secured our status as the go-to for oversized load border crossing. It has to do with a very heavy, very expensive load that fell off a trailer en route to its destination in Mexico.

You might think that this sounds like the horrible beginning of a story with an even more horrible ending for both our customer who shipped the very heavy, very expensive load and us.

You’d be wrong.

Our Word Is Our Bond

Historically in the transportation brokerage industry, when bad things happen such as freight falling off a trailer, it would play out something like this:

Broker: “Your freight fell off a trailer near Mexico City. It’s damaged and can’t be delivered.”

Customer: “WHAT?!? I don’t know what to do. Who’s going to pay for the damages?”

Broker: “You’ll have to take that up with the carrier. That’s not our problem.”

Customer: “You’re fired!”

Enter ZMac. We’ve built our reputation on doing the right thing for both our customers and our carriers. We understand that when it comes to moving OD freight, bad things like freight falling off of trailers in Mexico can happen. And while the carriers, not the brokers, are responsible for insuring their freight, we are committed to helping our customers solve the problem.

Crossing Borders OD Freight ZMac Transportation

In fact, we have a dedicated internal claims facilitator on our ZMac team who understands all the legal ins and outs of insurance. She notifies all the parties involved and partners with our customer to work through the claims process from beginning to end. Her claims recovery rate is 99.8%. She’s that good at what she does. By the way, if you think there are other transportation logistics brokers out there who will take ownership of the problem solving like ZMac.

You’d be wrong.

So, instead, when the freight fell off a trailer near Mexico City, the conversation with our customer went a little something like this:

ZMac: “Our internal claims facilitator is working with the carrier to make sure the proper forms are filed, the process is progressing, and the claim is paid.”

Customer: “You know, when you first told me about the freight, I was going to fire you.”

ZMac: “We won’t let you do that. Our job is to do what it takes to keep our customers happy.”

Customer: “There’s nobody around who does their job like you guys at ZMac.”

The claim turned out to be $300,000. And, yes, with our expert facilitation of the process, it did get paid. The ending to our story? It’s a good one, with a happy customer who has been exclusively using our border crossing services ever since.

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Whether your oversized loads are crossing borders into Mexico or Canada, or if they’re moving within the continental US, we’ve got your back. That’s what it means to work with ZMac.

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