3 Ways We Communicate Openly and With Respect

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There’s a common thread that runs through everything we do at ZMac. That thread is open communication, and it masterfully weaves its way through every customer interaction to every carrier interaction to every employee interaction. When we started down the path of transforming our industry, we knew that our dedication to open, respectful communication would set our course. That hasn’t changed from day one.

ZMac Value #3: Communicate Openly and With Respect

Say What You Mean

We know the value of keeping people happy. That goes for our customers, carriers, and ZMac Team. We also know the best way to keep people happy is by openly communicating. We never want our customers to be left wondering, “I wonder what’s going on with my load?” Or our carriers to be thinking, “I’m not sure what my direction is on this delivery?” Or our employees to question, “I’m unclear how to fulfill this customer request?”

Here are three ways we communicate openly and with respect.

ZMac Value #3: Communicate Openly and With Respect

Our Customers

Our mantra? Communicate early and often. No customer should ever be in the dark. If it’s all smooth sailing or trucking (pun intended) we let our customers know. But, every once in awhile, things happen, and we need to assess situations and devise remedies quickly. We let our customers know that too. No smoke and mirrors. Only straight talk and smart solutions.

Our Carriers

Communication with our carriers is all about setting expectations. By being clear with our carriers from the get-go as to what we expect and what our customers require, we honed a team comprised of the most professional, well-respected carriers in the industry.

Our Employees

We know we do our best work when everyone with the company is actively engaged.You won’t find anyone at ZMac holed up behind a closed door all day long. Our open door policy extends to every member of our company, giving everyone the opportunity to ask questions, brainstorm ideas, and be heard.

Mean What You Say

We think Dr. Seuss’ Horton the elephant captured exactly how we feel about communicating openly and with respect when he proclaimed, “I meant what I said and I said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful one-hundred percent!” We couldn’t agree more, Horton.

Hear for yourself how our approach to communication makes us different.

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