ZMac Culture: Movin’ On Through March

ZMac Culture St. Patty's Day 2019

After a winter like we’ve all experienced, the month of March can be a little rough. Everyone is anxious for spring, but it still can feel so far away. To this, we at ZMac declare, “We’re movin’ on, March!” (After all, we’re transportation logistics people. We like things to move, and the month of March is no exception.) It’s a … Read More

Two Enthusiastic Thumbs Up for Why ZMac [Video]

Why ZMac Video

The excitement has been building for weeks. And, now, ZMac’s time in the limelight is finally here. So, grab your popcorn, sit back, and enjoy. Without further adieu… the official premiere of Why ZMac?

Lights, Camera, Action. Behind-The-Scenes Of Making The ZMac Culture Video

ZMac Transportation Behind the Scenes Video

What happens when you take 20 of ZMac’s most stellar employees, thrust a camera in their faces and film them answering one, seemingly simple question? We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Working at ZMac is unlike anywhere else. So, we set out to try to put into words exactly what it is about ZMac. We wanted to … Read More

Show Up For You: Coffee With The CEO

Coffee With the CEO hero image

Often in the sales game, we get a ton of rejection. It is really important not to take it personally and find ways to measure our success to keep things positive. We say, “Move the needle a little bit, 1% every day, and that is a success.” The Daily 5 List I encourage our sales team to make a list … Read More

Whose Fault Is This: Coffee With The CEO

Coffee With the CEO hero image

We just want to do good and have good things done for us, right?  When things go sideways, there is an expectation that it was caused by someone or something that should have been avoided. Frustration kicks in, the customer is irate, and that creates pressure to find the reason why it happened.  It is not usually a happy time. … Read More

5 Steps To Not Overpay For Freight: Coffee With The CEO

We are now in the most active months of the year for transportation. As rates continue to climb, what do you need to know so that your freight is delivered safely, on time, and for the best value? In other words, what do you need to look for in a transportation logistics broker so that you don’t overpay for freight? … Read More

Being In The Flow: Coffee With The CEO

By now we have all heard the term, “being in the flow.” At our office, I can tell when people are “in it” or not, and it is truly amazing to watch. Being in the flow doesn’t happen overnight, and certainly, it is a skill that can be developed with time and intent. How To Get Into The Flow State … Read More

Navigating The Stormy Seas: Coffee With The CEO

Coffee With the CEO Graphic - March 1

This market is challenging if you are trying to move freight. It is not that you can’t get a truck, it’s what you should pay for one. Using our instant freight quote tool, ZRATE, and our years of experience, we know exactly what you should pay for a truck.The issue is getting our customers to understand what is happening in … Read More

Optimism Trumps All: Coffee With The CEO

Coffee With the CEO Graphic - February 6

We are in the process of recruiting 15 new salespeople to join our team in April. We are going to do this three times this year. That’s 45 new salespeople in 2018! That number doesn’t include the 15 others we will probably need. 2018 is going to be a big year for us. In putting together our recruitment plan, we … Read More

Inspiration: Coffee With The CEO

Coffee With the CEO Graphic - January 3

I recently met with one of our brilliant IT vendors and it is so amazing to see how people think and organize their work. Being exposed to different industries and how they do their job is very interesting. We spent an hour together, and I felt like a sponge soaking up the process work that was going on. Yes, it … Read More