The Track & Trace Trio: These Are The People In Your ZMac Neighborhood


Introducing The Track & Trace Trio…

Don’t be fooled, while their name sounds like a Grammy award-winning country group, this ZMac team sets the bar for topnotch Carrier Relations.

Q: What does The Track & Trace Trio do?

A: Besides belting out a crowd-pleasing version of “Friends In Low Places,” we perform a variety of Operational tasks to assist and support the Operations and Sales Team, such as on-boarding carriers, tracking shipments, and relaying info between our carriers, salespeople, and operations teams.

Q: Who makes up The Track & Trace Trio and what does each person do?

A: Like any successful trio, our individual talents are fine-tuned, but we know we are at our best when we work together and harmonize.

Stephani Cruz and Scott McElroy, Carrier Relations

When we’re not busy humming John Denver’s hit about transportation logistics, “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” Stephani and Scott’s days are jam-packed with a wide array of responsibilities:

  • Collecting, entering, entering and relaying information via Check Calls.
  • Onboarding new carriers and entering to our Transportation Management System..
  • Collecting required paperwork from Carriers to process orders
  • Researching, tracking, collecting, and dispersing information to ensure proper movement of freight.
  • Monitoring pickups, deliveries, and transit of shipments via verbal and/or electronic communications.
Karen Falcon, Carrier Relations Supervisor

As team supervisor, Karen performs all of the above duties and is a force to be reckoned with as she:

  • Oversees any issues that may arise.
  • Monitors the team’s calls.
  • Ensures work is completed on time.
  • Does one heck of a mean Texas two-step.

Q: What is a typical day with The Track & Trace Trio like?

A: Very busy! Every day is different which makes the job fun. There’s lots of communication between all departments, but mainly our time is spent with the carriers and operations. Anything can happen in trucking, so we are always on our feet! It’s a good thing our boots are made for walking.

Q: What interesting challenges have The Track & Trace Trio faced?

A: As we grow as a company, and continue to get more customers, keeping up with all of the calls and communication can get challenging. But, then, we just channel Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5,” stumble to our ZMac kitchen and pour ourselves a cup of ambition.

Q: What else would be fun to know about The Track & Trace Trio?

A: We like memes! You would think we don’t like each other with the constant banter back and forth, but that’s just how it is! We joke with each other all day, and it is nothing but love. In fact, sometimes we can be heard crooning one of our favorite country love songs, Grand Ole Opry-style. We really are a fantastic team and continue to get better every day.

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