Border Crossing

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Border Crossing

When it comes to managing the transportation logistics of oversized freight, we’ve got it covered on all fronts. And, when your oversized load must cross a border into Canada or Mexico, that’s one of our favorite things. The logistics of border crossing comes with its own special rules and regulations. And we happily put in the time to know all of them, so that your load is delivered safely and securely to Winnipeg, Guadalajara, or anywhere in between.

We’ve spent years fine-tuning our border crossing process, making sure we have all of our ducks are in a row, so that when your over-dimensional freight is crossing a border, it’s as smooth as can be. It starts by asking the right questions to you, our customer, so that we can determine the best and safest method of delivery for your freight and then find the most qualified carrier to make it happen.

  • Can the freight be transloaded?
  • Has the customs broker completed and forwarded all paperwork?
  • Have we taken into consideration all delivery requirements, such as onsite cranes?
  • Have we planned for language barriers, time zone differences or other border-related issues?

We know it’s all about communication. Because of our reputation for doing the right thing for our customers and our carriers, we’ve built a large network of reliable, pre-qualified carrier connections to both Canada and Mexico. And we’re in constant contact with them, making sure your freight arrives safely at its destination. We’re on top of all the foreign and domestic details, seamlessly handling them from our end, including necessary paperwork, escorts, surveyors, and customs.

How else do borders not confine us? We at ZMac:

  • Collaborate with established customs brokers to ensure prompt passage

  • Proactively problem solve to minimize any foreseeable delays

  • Clearly affirm ZMac’s expectations with every interaction

  • Research and reevaluate border crossing requirements

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