Blazing New Trails: So Many Ways To Grow

Raquel Reyes Leap of Faith ZMac Transport Sales Lead Generation Specialist

Raquel Reyes, ZMac’s Sales Lead Generation Specialist, pens this installment of “Blazing New Trails.”

I joined ZMac less than a year ago in a leap of faith that I was joining a compassionate company that values a home/work life balance, is passionate about doing right by their customers, and exudes innovativeness in the transportation industry. Not to mention the unique culture that has earned ZMac numerous awards for best place to work!

My Question: Did I Make The Right Leap?

Even with all of these positive attributes, I had some fears and doubt as I set out on this new journey.

  • Would there be opportunities to advance my career?
  • Would there be enough learning opportunities?
  • Would the training program set me up for success?
  • Would I be happy?

My Answer: Yes! Absolutely Yes!

Fast forward seven months into my journey with ZMac and I’ve experienced that YES all of these things are possible! Oh, the opportunities to grow are numerous! I have witnessed the genuine support and care the leadership team has for their employees. Employees’ strengths are sought out and used to help find success within the company. This includes coaching to make an employee successful at sales, extended training opportunities, and promotion within the company to get an employee in a position where they can thrive.

My Best Leap of Faith Ever

With ZMac experiencing so much success and growth, new opportunities to grow within the company are popping up often – from sales, training, accounting, billing, and more! I started as a Sales Executive and find myself as a Lead Generation Specialist today. I’m grateful for the time I spent in sales, as it set a firm foundation and understanding of the heart of ZMac’s business. When the opportunity arose to support the sales team in this new role, I was eager to use my newly acquired sales skills and my previous work experience in organizational development to contribute to the overall success of the company. What made the transition even more rewarding was the acknowledgment and confidence my manager had in my skill set because she communicated with me often and sought out my strengths to help me be successful at ZMac. That kind of support is invaluable!

So, in short, with ZMac there are so many ways to grow! All you have to do is take that leap of faith.

Is It Time For You To Take That Leap Of Faith?

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