April 2015 Freight Trends

ZMac April 2015 Freight Trends - Trending FSD Loads INBOUND



We noted last month that the number of available loads across the country rose sharply in March.  The month of April saw that surge level off and the number of available loads showed no significant gains and actually dropped a bit by the end of the month.  For April 2015, we are at approximately 60% of the volume we saw this time last year.


Although volume is down this year to date, the northeast part of the country has experienced considerable gains recently for inbound traffic.  The accompanying chart reflects the variance in number of available inbound loads for the past two months from their 90-day average.  You’ll see that northeast areas populate the inbound trending leaders.  Interestingly, the Dallas and Fort Worth areas are the biggest decliners the past two months.  Overall, only four areas had their average drop over this time period.   While the lack of any appreciable gains for many of the areas in the bottom 15 can be attributed to the low average of inbound traffic throughout the year, both Dallas and Fort Worth average at least 10 times the amount of traffic as any of the other areas (with the exception of Shreveport, LA).

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