April 2014 Freight Trends

ZMac Freight Trends April 2014 - Trending Increases / Decreases - 90-Day Average # of Available Loads OUTBOUND



Since the start of the New Year, the number of available loads has climbed dramatically.  We experienced a small drop in available loads going into the Easter weekend; however, the upward momentum continued after the holiday weekend.  The Great Lakes and Atlantic areas continue to have strong gains in available “outbound” loads.

In our efforts to deliver outstanding service to our customers, ZMAC Transportation examines available load trends to determine each area’s capacity – is demand outpacing the availability of trucks?  Significant increases or decreases in the number of available loads are an excellent assessment of market fluctuations.

The chart below reflects the locations with the greatest variances in their 90-day moving average of available loads.  For instance, the Birmingham, AL area has seen their 90-day available load average increase nearly 4,400 loads since February 25th.  Conversely, Rochester, NY area’s average has decreased 363 loads.  The absence of significant decreases illustrates that available freight is gaining nationwide.

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