Load of the Month: Anything but small potatoes

  • ZMac Pop-Up Fast Food Oversized Freight
  • ZMac Pop-Up Fast Food Oversized Freight

ZMac recently delivered a massive dryer that can dry up to 50 tons of potatoes per hour – an important part of preparing potatoes to be processed and made into healthy food for dogs across the country.   

Our trek began in Brookfield, WI and ended successfully in Arlington, MN. Overall, the transport took about 2 weeks to complete. Due to its size of 63’5’’L x 13’3’’W x 13’9’’H and 135,000 pounds, weeks of preparation were needed prior to the trip. Knowing that many state troopers might be curious about our routing and permitting, ZMac decided that hiring additional police escorts in both Minnesota and Wisconsin would help expedite a timely and safe delivery.  

Lastly, through all this, ZMac was in constant communication with our customer. We provided exact daily locations and updates about the challenges faced along the way. Sinc 

e this piece was delivered, work has begun to move another dryer of the same size to an even more difficult location. Look for an update on that move in a future post.


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