5 Compelling Reasons Why You Are Perfect For The Best Sales Job In Racine.

ZMac Work Here Sales Executive

Let’s cut to the chase. Our business is booming. And with that amazing growth we need amazing people to join our ZMac Class of 2017 Elite Sales Team. We are actively hiring for Sales Positions in our Racine office. If you’re amazing, we’d like to meet you.

Read below to see if you could be the perfect fit for the best sales positions in Racine.

1. You are smart, creative, and curious about learning new things.

The transportation and logistics field is literally in constant motion. (Pun intended.) We need people who are eager to learn our trade, like to ask questions, and thrive in an environment that’s never stagnant. You thrive on the sky being the limit. We strive to be excellent, not average. So, when there’s excellence, we reward it. That means growth in your job and growth in your pay. It’s yours for the taking.

2. You have that fire in your belly to go after opportunities.

We don’t mean actual fire, unless you’re a superhero, of course. We mean that intangible, internal energy and sales drive that spurs you on to do great things. We’ve found that experienced salespeople really rock on our ZMac Elite Sales Team. So do our salespeople who came to us with little selling know-how under their belts. And all ranges of experience in between.

3. You don’t like to be thrown to the wolves.

We invest in our salespeople. That means 3 months of training and mentoring right off the bat. Can you say 4 weeks of classroom learning with our Training and Development Manager and 8 weeks of on-the-job mentoring? We’re committed to your success as much as you are.

4. You want to grow with a company recognized for its fast growth.

We’re on the move. (Last transportation-ish pun, we promise.) It’s not just us saying that. We’ve earned a lot of recognition across the globe for it. Here’s a sampling:

5. You know a company’s culture is ultra-important.

There’s more to us than our indoor putt putt green, foosball tables, Packers-themed potlucks and Game of Thrones viewing parties. (Though, let’s be clear. That’s all pretty awesome.) It’s our culture of camaraderie in everything we do. We’re a company of friends who really like each other.

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