What Is A Freight Management System? (And 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs One)

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Freight Shipping Quote ZFreight Management System ZMac Transport

Let’s start with a basic fact. When it comes to shipping oversized freight, there are (literally) a lot of moving parts. From the freight shipping quotes to carrier selection to tracking shipments – the logistics services needed to move your oversized cargo can seem as large as the cargo itself. Add to that all the requirements that weigh heavy on your time and budget, like managing your supply chain, auditing invoicing, and analyzing freight shipping costs. It’s big, it’s complicated, and it’s daunting. Enter ZFreight, a one-stop shop freight management system for oversized loads (and LTL too).

What Does A Freight Management System Do?

In a nutshell, ZFreight is a freight management system platform that houses all the moving parts of shipping oversized freight in an easy to use centralized location. ZFreight’s robust technology automates and optimizes the shipping process from quoting to delivery, giving businesses and brokers control over their freight shipping costs and full visibility into their supply chain operations. All at the touch of a button.

How Will A Freight Management System Benefit My Shipping Process?

  • Save Time and Money

    Gone are the endless hours spent tracking down freight shipping quotes, waiting for callbacks, and wondering if the rates you were quoted are reliable and accurate. In mere seconds, ZFreight delivers accurate rate quotes reflecting the at cost price. No hidden markups. No additional fees. And, ZFreight’s detailed market analysis breaks down how much a similar move costs by low, average, and high costs. You’ll have all the information you need, and then you can book your order instantly.

  • Optimize Your Supply Chain

    Is your current freight shipping process letting you spend as little as possible to get your customers the product they want when they want it? Probably not, right? ZFreight gives you full visibility of your end-to-end supply chain. Meaning you can better manage inventory, better plan, and reduce logistics costs.

  • Be Smarter About Your Business

    What is more valuable than detailed reporting and analytics to gain in-depth insight and improve your business? From automated freight auditing to route optimization, ZFreight’s reporting capabilities allow you to understand your business better and strategically plan for the future.

Who knew a freight management system could do all of that?

Now you do.

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